Tuesday, April 16, 2013


April 14, 2013
Morris Plains, NJ

     It was a successful start to Morris Plains' spring soccer at Simons Park with Pre K Kickers returning to teach the Pre-K and Kindergarten children.  With over 90 participants each camp over the past four seasons, Pre K Kickers is helping Morris Plains soccer grow and become the future leader in competitive soccer.  Pre K Kickers' top trainers will develop the Kindergarten students over the next six weeks into smarter, quicker, and more skillful players with their unique, half-hour game play.  The Pre-K groups will focus heavily on movement, coordination, and vision.  All groups will learn the game of soccer in a fun and exciting atmosphere at the beautiful field of Simons Park.  Pre K Kickers anticipates continuing to build the town's soccer program with Morris Plains over the next years.

Monday, April 8, 2013


April 8, 2013

     The Torpedoes soccer club has invited Pre K Kickers to lend its expertise to Wyckoff's up-and-coming talent. Pre K Kickers is now responsible for training U7 Torpedoes to prepare them for competitive play.  Although this is the first season with Pre K Kickers, they have managed to pique the interest of many participants.  Pre K Kickers intends to provide advanced training to the Torpedoes group, who are potential U8 town players for the fall season.  This training will place Torpedoes players at the top of their class, resulting in a strong, first playing season.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Saturday, March 30, 2013
Morris Plains, NJ

     The final games for the Kickers 3v3 League Session 2 took place at Parisi Speed School, and consisted of great, even match-ups.  Tottenham played Manchester United in a surprising, offensive game, scoring more goals than in all of their regular-season games.  Tottenham fired things up right away with striker, Seth (Scholesy) up top with Zach, a power-shooter.  Daniel, Jack, and Jake held down the defense for most of the time, and tore things up when rotated to the front.  Their determination for a win led them to victory and a gratifying way to complete the season.

     Fulham met QPR in the second match while Liverpool battled Norwich City for third place.  All children played their best games during these finals by scoring many goals, avoiding fouling, and setting up strong defense.  The championship game, however, was the game to watch, between the fiery Manchester City and the intrepid West Ham.

     To West Ham's surprise, Man City would end up being a worthy opponent.  Manchester City held it together in the first half, despite missing a key older player.  Carter, Brody, Jake, Cole, and Mia put up a good fight by delivering constant pressure to the West Ham boys.  West Ham knew they had to give it all they had and went off on crossing and shooting during the second half of the game.  Elliott played the ball not once, but twice, to Kyle from the touch line, crossing the ball down the field on a 45 degree angle, to set Kyle up for beautiful, yet tricky shots into the upper 90.  Valentin, Rafael, Rocco, and James made moves on Man City, working together to maintain an impermeable triangle of defense at all times.  By the end, West Ham led by a number of goals, but still, the game was entertaining and full of action.

     Congratulations to West Ham for taking first place in this league, and for participating in the first 3v3 league session, as well.  Best of luck to all players this spring and next fall!

Sunday, February 17, 2013


February 16th, 2013
Morris Plains, NJ

     The Kickers 3v3 Indoor soccer league, session 1 commenced with exciting and aggressive championship games.  The girls of NE Revolution defeated Houston Revolution, but not easily at first.  The boys kept up a fight in the first half with a strong defense and go-to-goal mentality.  The girls got it together by the latter half, and claimed fourth place over Houston. 

     The third place game consisted of Philadelphia Union and LA Galaxy.  Another exciting match, led to Union's triumph with 6 goals.  The New York Red Bulls met Seattle Sounders in the second place game where the Red Bulls went off on scoring .  The team's offensive set-ups grew consistent throughout the game, giving them 13 goals, and the second place title.

     The final game- the championship match- was between the Columbus Crew and DC United.  DC United defeated Columbus in the regular season, which gave Columbus the motivation to fight back.  Columbus started off aggressive as soon as the whistle was blown, and scored right away.  DC United attacked with precise goal kicks and great crosses.  Columbus, down 4-3, shot the equalizer in the last twenty seconds, sending the teams to a penalty kick tie-breaker.  All players took a shot, but it was Columbus who hit every one with ease, giving them victory of the league.

     It was a very developmental and entertaining six weeks of game play, which will prepare the players for the leagues to come, as well as recreational and travel soccer.  Congratulations to all children for learning and improving every week.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


January 20, 2013
Morris Plains, NJ

The U.S. Men's National soccer star, Dilly Duka, made a warm visit to the Kickers 3v3 league at Parisi Speed School today.  He signed autographs and posed for pictures with the Kickers players.  He also coached his very own Columbus Crew in the last game of the day.  Pre K Kickers thanks Duka for supporting the development of youth soccer and Pre K Kickers.

Friday, January 18, 2013



Bring your cameras to the Kickers league tomorrow, because your child will have the opportunity to meet a soccer celebrity!

The U.S. National Team's Dilly Duka, midfielder from Montville, NJ, will make an appearance at tomorrow's Kickers 3v3 soccer league at Parisi Speed School in Morris Plains. This U23 star, who also plays for the Columbus Crew, will sign autographs and take pictures with the players. This booming player is brother to Pre K Kickers' very own trainer, Coach Argjent. Dilly Duka played for Rutgers University, recording 10 goals and 5 assists in two years, and started in 35 out of 36 games. He was selected to the All-Big East Second Team in 2008.

Join us for Duka's special appearance tomorrow, Saturday, January 19th, from 3pm until 5pm at Parisi Speed School. Parents, please arrive early to take pictures- the session will close promptly at 5pm.

This is a private event for Pre K Kickers 3v3 league members only.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Join Pre K Kickers for our FUN and FAST 3V3 soccer leagues this WINTER!  

Games will be held every Saturday, January-March.  Leagues will run for six weeks.  


3V3 soccer is quicker and smarter soccer, which allows players to strengthen playing style and to get more touches on the ball.  

Visit www.prekkickers.com to view full schedules and to register!

Teams and individual players welcome- we will put you on a team if you do not sign up with one. 

Monday, April 9, 2012


April 7, 2012

The 3v3 indoor league final championship games were held last Saturday at Parisi Speed School in Morris Plains.  Although two teams went undefeated this season, every team gave it all they had in the championship.  First up was England vs. Germany.  England, with a 0-3 record, went into the finals strong and determined.  Germany may have beaten them in week one, but it was England, whose hunger to retaliate, kept their heads above water.  A back-and-forth nail-biter, ending with a winning goal by Aiden McEvoy in the last second, gave England the reward they needed (6-5).

The second game, which was close again, had powerhouse defenders battling for the title.  Italy vs Ukraine, two same-level teams kept the game very tight, ending in a 7-5 win for Ukraine.  The third and final game between the two undefeated teams, Poland and Spain, was full of sweat and passion.  The aggressive Poland team trailed the quick foot skills of Spain until the tail-end of the game.  It was then when Ted Rosenfeld turned up the heat and quickly shot the score up to a one-goal difference.  Spain, however, could not back down, and ended the game with a 7-5 victory against the heavy competitors.

Each child experienced game play at a short-sided level, the best for this age.  These games are meant to develop players by having them think quickly on their feet, make decisions, learn to play both offensively and defensively, and to acquire spatial understanding on the field.  It was evident that each week, these children progressed tremendously and are now ready for rec soccer.  Thanks to all of the families who participated- it was a blast!  We look forward to holding more leagues in the future.

Monday, March 26, 2012


Sunday, March 25th, 2012
Metuchen, NJ

After winning the U7 Boys 3v3 Soccer tournament in Morris Plains, the Kicker Crew made their way to Metuchen to conquer an even greater challenge- a 4V4 U8 tournament.  Despite the competition, and filling in for another team with missing players, the Kicker Crew held their own.

Due to Walter Zawacki's speed and strength, the Crew was able to lead the first game by seven goals.  Chase Reardon lended great support in midfield, with an assuring determination to win.  But it was Alex Brandon, a known midfielder with great technical skill, who surprised the team and audience by leading the back line with strong defense.  By the end of the tournament, he was headering shots out-of-goal and doing everything in his power to protect the goal- much like Nemanja Vidic.  In a highly defensive final game against a team that beat them earlier, the Crew retaliated, defeating them for the championship.

The Crew, on this day, consisted of many superstars- Stevan Patino, Chase Reardon, Cam Reardon, Ted Rosenfeld, Ryan Berman, Walter Zawacki, and Alex Brandon.  All worked hard, with pink in their cheeks, and smiles when victory was claimed.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Sunday, March 18th, 2012
Morris Plains, NJ

Short Sided Soccer's final Winter 3v3 tournament took place yesterday, with the returning Branchburg, Kicker Crew, and Morristown U7 Boys teams.  The four teams (two from Branchburg) battled it out to take the final championship title home... and to the website.  The Kicker Crew- the underdog throughout the Winter, picked up the pace, and proved that practice makes perfect by defeating the three other teams, and making it into the finals.

Playing up in almost every tournament for the past three months aided in their victory, and their polished foot skills wowed the audience.  Players, Nicholas Andrinopolous, Alex Brandon, Nicholas Connors, and Stevan Patino fed off each other's want to win.  Their unforgettable play at one of the kick-offs and their nice-and-easy, Barcelona-style passing helped them claim a deserving first place in the tournament, winning the final game, 5-3.

A note from Pre K Kickers:
If it weren't for teams from STA, NJSA, Kinnelon, Jefferson, Randolph, Roxbury, Mount Olive, Montville, Marlboro, Branchburg, Bridgewater, Morristown, Morris Plains, Holmdel, Brick, and Madison, the Kicker Crew would not have been able to attain such valuable playing experience.  Thanks to all of the towns mentioned (any any others missed) for getting together, and making our children better at soccer.  This Winter was a blast, and we anticipate an even better Summer season.